BlackBerry Curve 9380 - I can’t send or receive files

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I can't send or receive files

If you're trying to send a file as an attachment, your BlackBerry smartphone must be associated with an email account that
uses the BlackBerry Internet Service or a BlackBerry Enterprise Server that supports this feature. For more information,
contact your wireless service provider or administrator.
If your email account uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your organization might not allow you to use some features or
might prevent you from sending or receiving files. For more information about the features that are available on your
smartphone, contact you administrator.
Try the following actions:

• Verify that the file you're trying to send or receive is a file type that's supported by BlackBerry smartphones.
• Verify that the file that you're trying to send is a file that you have added to your smartphone and that the file is not

protected by copyright or DRM.

• If you're trying to send a file to or receive a file from a specific application, verify that the application is installed on your


• If you can't find a file that was sent to you, check the folder that matches the file type of the sent file. Files sent to your

smartphone are stored in the folder that matches each file's type. For example, if you receive a picture, the picture is
saved in the pictures folder of your smartphone or media card, depending on your smartphone's settings.