BlackBerry Curve 9380 - I can’t enter a conference call with the Join Now option

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I can't enter a conference call with the Join Now


The Join Now option might not appear in the meeting notification if the meeting organizer isn't using a BlackBerry
smartphone that supports the Join Now feature or if the meeting organizer didn't enter the conference call information
correctly. You might need to change your smart dialing options so that you can enter the conference call using the Join
Now option.
Try the following actions:

• If the Join Now option doesn't appear, to enter the conference call, in the meeting or meeting invitation, click the

conference call bridge number and access code that appear in either the Location field or the Notes section.

• If the Join Now option appears, but you're not able to join, try increasing the default time that your smartphone waits

before dialing an extension. From the home screen, press the

key. Press the

key > Options > Smart

Dialing. In the To access extensions in all other corporations section, change the Wait For field to the highest value or
to My Response if your BlackBerry smartphone is connected to a CDMA network. Try entering the conference call with
the Join Now option again.

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