BlackBerry Curve 9380 - Sign or encrypt a message

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Sign or encrypt a message

You can sign or encrypt email and PIN messages.
If you use a PGP Universal Server, your administrator might have set options so that the PGP Universal Server always signs
or encrypts your messages.


When you are composing a message, change the Encoding field.


If necessary, change the Classification field.


To change the certificate that you use to send the message, press the

key > Options.

• To change the signing or encryption certificate, change a Certificate field.
• To encrypt the message using only the recipient’s certificate, in the Encryption Options section, change the

Certificate field to None.

• To send the message without including your certificate, change the Include Certificate field to No.

If you change the Certificate field to None, you cannot read the message after you send it.
If you encrypt a message and keys are not available for all recipients, you might be able to click Send to Server to send the
message to the PGP Universal Server. If the PGP Universal Server locates the keys, it encrypts the message. Otherwise, it
might send the message as plain text.

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