BlackBerry Curve 9380 - Feature availability

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Feature availability

The following items affect the availability of features on your BlackBerry smartphone. The features discussed are meant as

examples, and are not inclusive of every feature that might or might not be available on your smartphone.

Smartphone model

Features such as GPS, the camera and video camera, and network connection options are dependent on your smartphone
model. To find feature specifications for your smartphone model, visit


Wireless service plan and wireless service provider

You must purchase or change your wireless service plan through your wireless service provider. Features such as text
messaging, location-based services, and some phone features are dependent on your wireless service provider's offerings.
A wireless service plan with phone or voice is required for you to use the Phone application and to send and receive text
messages. A wireless service plan with data is required for you to use the browser service and instant messaging
applications, and to send and receive email messages and PIN messages. A wireless service plan might affect which apps
you can download and how you can download them.
For more information about your plan, contact your wireless service provider.

BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Once you have a data plan, you must set up your email address or third-party instant messaging account in order to send
and receive email messages, use third-party instant messaging applications, and use some browser options.
If you are an individual user, when you set up your email address or instant messaging account, you are associating it with
the BlackBerry Internet Service.
If you are a corporate user, your administrator sets up your email account by associating it with a BlackBerry Enterprise
Server. Your administrator might set options that determine the features and settings that are available on your
smartphone and if you can add or update an app. You can view the IT policies that have been set by your administrator in
the security options on your smartphone.

Wireless network

The wireless network that your smartphone is connected to might affect the availability of some features. Depending on
your wireless service provider and available roaming options, different wireless networks are available. Some wireless

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networks don't support features such as call blocking, call forwarding, or cell broadcasting. For more information, contact
your wireless service provider.


Depending on your region, you might have the option to add or update apps using the BlackBerry App World storefront.
You might also be able to download apps from a webpage or an application. The availability of certain apps varies by
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